Areas of Focus

  • E-Commerce
  • Automation
  • E-Learning
  • Accessibility
  • WebDev
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • E-Commerce: Set up and customization of e-commerce sites, including helping you set up customer management software, email campaigns, product and order tracking, and hosting and site security.
  • Automation: Automating tasks and integrating your applications to enable data to be sent to-and-from your various platforms when it’s needed and where it’s needed, helping ensure your information is up-to-date and those who need-to-know know on-time.
  • E-Learning: Set up and customization of e-learning applications and Learning Management Systems, including integrating your LMS with your customer/student information systems, setting up tracking and automating notifications, and aiding in the design and testing of your online-courses.
  • Accessibility: Conducting and analyzing Accessibility testing on your technology and helping to implement 508- and WCAG-compliant solutions to ensure equal access to your products and services for all users.
  • Website Development: We offer full-stack website development, complete with the setup and customization of Content Management Systems to manage your website – with a CMS, we put control over your content back into your hands; 508- and WCAG-compliant design; and integration and data sharing across your platforms (including email and customer management).
  • Graphic Design: From designing clickable buttons to paper fliers, and website/email layouts to landscape/product designs, our design team has over a decade of experience in both digital and print graphic design.
  • Animation and Video: Animation is where GMCT began and it continues to be something we love doing – we offer animated and live video tutorial design, marketing and advertisement shorts, and everything in between, in formats from 2D-animation to stop-motion to live-action or a combination of all three!

Application Integrations & Customization

Below is sample of some of the applications and tools we’ve worked with. Our wide range of projects have us working with numerous applications, systems, platforms, and tools depending on the goals and needs of our clients.

CRM Applications:

  • Salesforce CRM
    • Setup and customization of your company’s/organization’s instance of Salesforce
    • Integration with other applications and platforms (such as QuickBooks, MailChimp, and E-commerce platforms)
    • Data import of pre-existing data or bulk imports of new data


  • Woocommerce
    • Setup and installation of WordPress and Woocommerce (setup of website host, domain, and SSL, if needed)
    • Customization of themes and plugins
    • Integration and automation with external platforms and applications (such as CRM, email marketing account, and accounting software)
    • Extensive knowledge of available plugins and add-ons
    • Create, test, and maintain custom functions to adjust Woocommerce for your specific needs
  • Shopify
    • Setup of account, host, domain, and SSL certificates
    • Customization of themes and layouts
    • Integration with external services (such as PayPal)

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
    • Setup and installation of WordPress (setup of website host, domain, email, and SSL, if needed)
    • Customization of themes, layouts, plugins, and services
    • Integration with external platforms and services, such as email management
    • Moving pre-existing site and databases into WordPress
    • Maintaining code, plugins, and services as new functional and security updates are released
  • SquareSpace
    • Setup and customization of SquareSpace, including theme customization
    • Setup of website host, domain, email accounts, and SSL certificates

Learning Management Systems

  • Canvas by Instructure
    • Customization of Canvas themes, layouts, and overall look and feel, including adding additional functions and dynamic user-interactions, such as popups, to course content
    • Leading walk-throughs and training on Canvas system
    • Integrating with external services, such as student management systems and external course catalogs (for example, allowing students to purchase a course on your e-commerce site and automating the enrollment into the Canvas course)
  • Talent LMS
    • Setup and customization of Talent LMS
    • Integration with external services (such as student management systems and external course catalogs)

Email Management Services

  • MailChimp
    • Account setup, including helping you to determine which package is best for your needs
    • Campaign and list setup and management, including actions, triggers, and reactions
    • Higher-level email template design
    • List, campaign, and general email automation and integration with external services to trigger the sending of emails (such as Salesforce and WordPress)
  • PostMark
    • Account setup
    • Integration with external applications (such as WordPress)
  • iContact
    • Integration with external services (such as Salesforce) to manage lists and trigger emails to send
    • Customizing email templates, including using merge fields