Our Mission

To improve Communications through research, analysis, and creative application of technology and learning methodologies.
Communication is at the root of every interaction, every lesson, every purchase, every experience, and every success. Whether you are an employer, a teacher, a business, any other organization, or an individual, whatever you need to share, we will be there to help you convey your message in a way that reaches and resonates with your audience.

The GMCT Story

The Present:
Today, with a diverse team of developers, graphic designers, instructional designers, writers, animators, and more, GMCT is constantly taking on new challenges and building customized solutions in: marketing, education, employee and consumer training, digital technology, Accessibility, IT infrastructure, and other elements of Communication Technology.
The History:
Chava A. Wernick, an innovator by nature and computer programmer and Instructional Designer by training, founded the GreenMoose project over a decade ago as a student in search of learning beyond the textbook. Now known simply as “GMCT Solutions”, Chava’s endeavor grew from a hobby into a freelance practice, and from there it evolved into a rapidly-expanding start-up technology services company.
What began as a curious-and-highly-energetic eight-year-old’s interest in stop-motion animation has grown into a multimedia Communication Technology consulting company.