GreenMoose Productions

GreenMoose Productions focuses on delivering creative work in multiple fields, including, but not limited to, video production, educational interactive media, and website development.

Some current examples include

I developed GreenMoose Productions as a "home base" for the various projects I have been involved in over the years. On several occasions, I teamed up with peers to work on larger projects such as videos, educational media, simulations, and websites.

It is my hope that GreenMoose Productions will continue to grow and its fields of expertise broaden. I continually look forward to new projects and challenges, new clients, new ideas, and meeting the new people whose talents and backgrounds compliment those already involved with GreenMoose Productions.


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Glimpse what is always there

Clips from my travels.

The strongest buildings and bridges are built with the best foundations. In order to build a successful life, one must have a strong foundation, or community. Giving back to the community is the only key to a successful future - without a proper foundation, any success, no matter how successful, is doomed to collapse. Our community is our future. Our future is where our ventures are headed. The ways to give back are as numerous as the ways to move forward.
- Chava Alexandra Wernick

Staying on top of up-and-coming technology and the constantly shifting trends is exciting and stimulating. A similar degree of the creativity and critical problem solving that is required for sports such as climbing, sparring, and cycling, is needed for innovation - it requires looking at every available object and course and seeing all of the possibilities. I enjoy fitting pieces from across the board, and off the board, together to build something new.
-Chava Alexandra Wernick